Cultural Tour

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Image by Sunny Tank

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Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager

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Image by phurbu tsering

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Ladakh has a unique culture made of many different ethnic groups who have lived and mixed for thousands of years. The Boto, Balti, Khamba (changpas), Purgi, Brokpas and Argons have created rich cultural and religious history in the region. Within Ladakh, local regions have their own customs,
traditions, local dialects, clothes and past-times.

The tours are lead by trained cultural guides, who provide detailed information about all aspects of Ladakhi life. We organise accommodation, food and all transportation. (Please note: For
the budget traveller, the tours can also be organised without a guide, although we
recommend they are included to ensure the best possible experience).

Nubra valley in three days

The tour starts with a drive over the world’s highest motor-able road, Khardong la. The must-see Nubra Valley is a unique area, with high mountains, green valleys and even desert sand-dunes. Your tour will
visit the beautiful monastery at Diskit and its huge Buddha statue with commanding views over
the valley. Panamik offers hot springs, while Hunder is the home for the double-humped camels.
The village of Turktok, which belonged to Pakistan until 1971 and is only 12km from the
Pakistani border, only opened to Tourists in 2010 and is well worth the visit. Here you
will find an unspoiled cluster of houses surrounded by barley fields and tall mountains.
The Baltis live in this region with their unique language and customs.

Zanskar and Kargil in four days

The four days trip to the remote region of Zanskar via Kargil is also a must-do. On this tour, you will visit Mulbek, famous for its rock carving of the Maitreya Buddha. We stop at Kargil town, Sankoo (the flower valley), Panikhar (from here you can see the famous Nun & Kun peaks) and the beautiful Rangdum
village. Cut off from the outside world from November to May when snow and ice cover the
high passes and deep gorges, Zanskar has managed to retain its unique culture. Here you
will see the fascinating view of the Phugtal monastery and also the famous Karsha-Gompa.

Changthang area in three days

Changthang is stretched across a large part of Ladakh and is accessible via the Chang la pass (5360m). You can see snow on top of this pass and the area is comparatively colder than the lower regions of the area. Changthang is known for its wetlands and here you can see many rare and endangered wildlife
species including phiya (Himalayan marmot), kyang (wild donkey), shan (snow-leopard)
and Chatungtung (black-necked crane). The lakes of Pangong and Tso-Moriri
are the largest in Ladakh and are stunningly beautiful.

Dha-Hanu in two Days

The Indo-Aryan inhabitants of Dha-Hanu are said to have settled in Ladakh at the time of
Alexander the Great. Even today, the villagers do not intermix with other races of Ladakh to
preserve their ancient race. The complexion is fairer than other Ladakhis and they have
preserved unique traditions, language and religious beliefs.

Kashmir Valley

Kashmir has been described as heaven on earth due to its beauty. Here, you will find
famous lakes, ancient gardens, palaces, monuments and mountains.

Dehli, Rajasthan, Kashmir, and Ladakh

We organise a longer tour incorporating not only Ladakh,
but also Kashmir, Rajasthan and India’s capital, Delhi.

Delhi, Manali and Ladakh

We can also organise custom made trips from Delhi to Ladakh
via Manali visiting some of Ladakh’s best sites on the way.